Sunday, March 14, 2010

Patito Feo

Patito Feo

Patito Feo was a very famous Argentine telenovela with themes that are similar to many other movies, TV shows, and music from the U.S.A. After reading and watching about the famous Argentine telenovela "Patito Feo," please post a blog entry comparing and contrasting this telenovela to either:

1. The movie "High School Musical"

2. The movie "Mean Girls"

3. The music video "You Belong to Me" by Taylor Swift

Or add your own blog posting comparing "Patito Feo" to another movie, show, or song.

Your blog may be written in English but it also must:

1. Include at least 5 similarities.

2. Include at least 3 differences

3. Explain how these differences reflect either Argentine or U.S. culture. These differences must be related to differences between the two cultures. I.e. Matias plays soccer, while Troy plays basketball. Soccer is a more popular sport in Argentina than basketball, although both are watched and played in both countries.

Lesson Objectives:

1. Listening: You will watch and listen to authentic video clips from a famous telenovela, "Patito Feo".

2. Reading: You will read information about the telenovela "Patito Feo" in Spanish

3. Cultural Comparisons: You will write and post a short comparison paragraph comparing "Patito Feo" to media (song, movie, or show) aimed at teenagers from the U.S.A.

High School Musical

Mean Girls

Taylor Swift - You Belong to Me